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Fullstack Software Developer course

Price: ₹40000/- ₹4000/-, Duration: 40 Hours, Accessible: Premium Enroll Now

Do you want to start you career as a Software Developer? If you have coding knowladges and wanted to get a good earning using with your skills or want to get a Good Software Developer Job then you must be join this course. This course will be helping you to get a good jobs and go to reach your dream earning.

This course have so mush tips and trics for good preperation for your feuture careers. Step by step you can planed your career with your ambition. So If you wants really start your career then you must be know some soft skills. Also Hard Skills is also too good for your career.  

  • Introduction about the course Premium
  • Website Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript And Bootstrap Premium
  • Design Integration with Angular Premium
  • Design Integration with ReactJS Premium
  • Design Integration with VueJS Premium
  • Backend or Server App develop with NodeJS, Express. Premium
  • Database Management with MySQL Premium
  • Database Management with MongoDB Premium
  • Create API Services Premium
  • API Integration process Premium
  • User Authentication Process Premium
  • Payment Gateway Integration Process Premium
  • VPS management and Application Hosting Process Premium
  • Backup and maintenance process. Premium
  • Modularity and Scalability Premium
  • Prepare for Jobs. What is the best approach for the job Premium
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